Frequently asked questions

What is Get Bent about?

GET BENT® is all about attitude and catching fish, any fish! It’s the exhilaration and fight between you and the fish as you GET BENT. If you've ever caught a fish, any fish, you know the feel and excitement the moment a fish hits your bait; that sudden pull or tug on the line. Once the fish has taken the bait and you've set-the-hook hand on for the ride! Since man was living in a cave he's had to hunt or fish for food to feed himself and his family, it was literally a matter of survival. In nature the strong survived. Today, in most cases we don't necessarily have to hunt or fish for survival, but the instinct is there and the will to sustain ourselves is ever-present as well. So by bending a few rods you're practicing one of man's oldest forms of self-preservation of survival.

We trademarked the name GET BENT when we started LOCAL HOOKER RODS on Cape Cod Massachusetts. It was GET BENT WITH A LOCAL HOOKER… In 2011 The WET DREAM FISHING TEAM out of Islamorada Florida was invited to the IGFA OFF-SHORE WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. After four long hard days on the water, competing against the best fishermen on the planet they pulled 1st place and WON THE WORLD-CHAMPIONSHIP. Thus, the Wed Dream Showed The WORLD How To Get Bent With A Boatload Of Local Hookers! Shortly thereafter the economy went bust and gas was approaching $6.00 at the dock and Local Hooker had to be dissolved… But I had the trademark for Local Hooker and GET BENT and knew the brand could be brought back when things got better, and they have!!!!

How does GET BENT support MCLEF?

The Owner of GET BENT is Bob Jenkins, a Former US Marine. Bob has always had a drive and passion to help those who serve and served our great country. Bob donates both time and money to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation (MCLEFAZ.ORG). Since 1995 MCLEF has raised and donated over $74 Million to children and families of Fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers who have given their all supporting US… MCLEF is a 100% all-volunteer (1-P/T bookkeeper) 501c3 non-profit. We are a national organization and recognized as one of America’s Great Charities. Our Board Of Directors (BOD) reads like the Who’s-Who of the Marine Corps and FBI.

By buying GET BENT products you are directly helping children and families of Fallen Marines and Federal Law Enforcement Officers. You can also go and donate directly to: https://www.mclefaz.org/donate

How long does it take to receive my order?

We typically try to process and ship orders within 48-72 hours. On occasion we will have back-orders and be a couple days behind schedule. Rather than partially shipping we would prefer to ship everything to you at once in one bundle. Typically on decals we can pack and ship within 1-2 days. We ship USPO 1st class mail in the US.